Dream Academy – Life In A Northern Town

This song is about performer Nick Drake, who died tragically and suffered from major clinical depression. And it is also somehow about economically depressed northern communities – closed shipyards and unemployment.

The concept of the hinterland in geography is the region of a political community such as a country that does not have it all: this could mean poor or unforgiving weather, a harsh climate, single or few industries and not many realistic opportunities for diversification. This is in contrast to the heartland, the region or city that seemingly has it all, including a wide-ranging economy that can weather recessions better.

For governance, there are many challenges in seeming to treat both the heartland and hinterland equally and fairly. The heartland tends to have more population, too, meaning legislatures that represent based on population size automatically include more voices from this area.

The notion of a heartland has also been defined differently, such as in the USA, which tends to mean the part of the country not having any oceanfront, and/or the midwest, the Bible Belt and red states (Republican support).


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