Mac Dre – Dreganomics

From 2004, and an album entitled, Ronald Dregan: Dreganomics, by the late Mac Dre (1970-2004).

Reaganomics is a way of describing the economic policies and positions of former US president Ronald Reagan back in the 1980s. Basically, Reaganomics is about cutting taxes and regulations, and the size of government, to grow economies. In other words, but roughly, the term may be synonymous with “supply-side economics” or neo-conservatism, or “right wing” or more generally, free market economics that has a legacy going back to Adam Smith in the 18th century.

This hip hop song is not about economics all that much unless some of the references to “green” money are rap boasting of success. Dreganomics is somewhat defined, perhaps criticizing the actual economic theory, as:

It’s only civilized for us to live our lives

Royal, spoiled, the American Way


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