Bruce Cockburn – If A Tree Falls

If a tree falls in the forest, does anybody hear it?

In the 1990s, clear cutting forests was a big issue, strongly opposed by this singer. Particularly in the Canadian province of British Columbia (Cockburn is a Canadian folkie), forest companies obviously found it more efficient to chop down an entire swath of land instead of selectively choosing the best trees, and/or taking every second or third or fourth stand. Yes, forest companies replanted, but what of the temporary devastation to an ecosystem and its wildlife diversity for all the years to get second growth?

Cockburn sings about capitalist greed behind deforestation and raises some other environmental considerations: that land may be cleared to raise cattle, that produce harmful methane gas (they fart a lot – surely this is the only serious protest song about farting!).

Also by Cockburn: Call It Democracy, If I Had A Rocket Launcher

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3 thoughts on “Bruce Cockburn – If A Tree Falls

  1. In 2008, for the first time in the history of BC, revenue generated from tourism exceeded that generated from the entire forestry industry, including pulp and paper. However, in the Discovery Islands—one of the most popular and pristine recreation areas in the province—sustainable eco-tourism jobs are taking a back seat to industrial logging. With the slow recovery of the US housing market, and the voracious appetite of the Asian industrial complex, timber companies are making a comeback to the Discovery Islands. Most of this area was logged 80-100 years ago. However, those second growth forests are now reaching maturity and the logging companies are on the fast track to take what they can while the markets are good. Despite demands from the local eco-tourism lobby to put a moratorium on logging what few untouched corridors remain on their tour routes, new contracts are being issued by the provincial government without any consultation with local communities. People come here to see majestic coastal landscapes, not unsightly clear-cuts. Industrial logging activities without any consideration of visual quality objectives will ultimately result in fewer tourists coming to the area, and family businesses shutting down. All for an extractive industry that creates minimal local benefits, and exports most of the raw materials to foreign mills.

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