Belinda Carlisle – Live Your Life Be Free

An original version of this 1991 song is presently somewhat unavailable on YouTube, likely for the obvious copyright reasons. It depends where you live:

The lyrics are basic pop song, love life fodder. The girl is pining for an unavailable boy, but she will wait for him. This hardly sounds like freedom for her, and more like dependence. She will do everything for this man, which doesn’t sound like a feminist anthem of independence. Should we wonder all these years later if the man ever came to his senses? Or did the narrator of the song move on?

The song has also been described in various places as a gay anthem, but beyond “being free,” is not that specific to this cause. Still, it’s an uplifting, anthem-styled chorus has no doubt been inspiring to many people seeking to do as they wish.

Unlike Belinda Carlisle, fellow 80s artist Laura Branigan finds an odd comfort in giving up her freedom, with Self Control.


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