Barry McGuire – Eve of Destruction

With some Byrd’s like guitar flourishes and Dylan-styled harmonic playing, this song has been criticized for being derivative. But Barry McGuire took it to #1 on Billboard, back in 1965. The growly vocal delivery emphasise the anti-war message written by pop songwriter P.F. Sloan.

The lyrics consider the young age of soldiers, and how they may be fighting in wars they do not believe in. The pessimistic message suggests World War Three is on its way, with politicians doing little to stop it. Eve Of Destruction also touches on other 1960s issues such as racial segregation, to convey an overall image of a United States of America, and world, that is not going to be redeemed. The song channels the anger many Americans felt about the directions of their country at the time.

The Spokesmen quickly recorded the awkward Dawn Of Correction as a response to Barry McGuire, arguing that the communists had to be fought to preserve the freedoms enjoyed by McGuire.


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