World Party – Put The Message In The Box

Karl Wallinger, AKA World Party, has spent his musical career on the fringes of stardom, as a dedicated craftsman replicating classic songwriting styles, particularly in the Beatles vein. His catalog deserves wider appreciation. Too, his songs often carry strong environmental messages.

This jubilant song from 1990 appears to have the world as the narrator, telling us how straightforward it can be to effect positive changes in public policy:

Put the message in the box
Put the box into the car
Drive the car around the world
Until you get heard

Well, activism takes hard work! The political, social and economic challenges still to be overcome at numerous, grand environmental conferences over the years such as the Earth Summits, makes this song somewhat naive. But Put the Message In The Box is meant to encourage and build hope and enthusiasm, which the bouncy tune certainly accomplishes.


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