Hyon Song-wol – Excellent Horse-Like Lady

Reports are that this North Korean singer was executed this past August, for making a sex tape. Some sources deny the execution; others note that the sex tape is hardly that, and so an execution could have been for political or personal reasons. Hyon may have been an ex-girlfriend to Kim Jong Un, North Korea’s present dictator, who is married.

The bouncy 2005 song, judging by the video, appears to glorify textile factory work and is like state propaganda. Lyrics include (source from NPR):

Our factory comrades say in jest, why, they tell me I am a virgin on a stallion.
After a full day’s work I still have energy left… They say I am a virgin on a stallion.
Mounting a stallion my Dear Leader gave me. All my life I will live to uphold his name!

It is hard to imagine but information is not free flowing in and out of the Hermit Kingdom. A characteristic of totalitarian states is having a monopoly on communication that sustains the regime and shields it from criticism. We may not know the whole story, here, then, until the country collapses.


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