Stetsasonic – A.F.R.I.C.A. (Free South Africa)

Early American hip hop group Stetsasonic included pioneering beatboxing. This song looks at challenges in several African countries, and is from 1986. It laments constant war, being as common as a heel on a shoe, and (in different versions) is more explicit in its rejection of apartheid – that until South Africa is free, we are not.

Apartheid is briefly defined in this post: Peter Gabriel, Biko and also here, referencing the great anti-apartheid champion, Nelson Mandela: Simple Minds, Mandela Day.


2 thoughts on “Stetsasonic – A.F.R.I.C.A. (Free South Africa)

  1. The vast majority of people across South Africa actually believed that a better, more equal and fair nation would emerge afterward. They spilled their own blood to topple the apartheid regime, and spilled their guts to the Truth and Reconciliation Commission afterward. They did so with the hope that their children could inherit a country that people like Mandela, and Tutu, and Mama Sarah could be proud of.

  2. The documentary quite chillingly shows that at exactly the same time as Mandela was being released, the Grand Parade in Cape Town was fraught with thronging masses, and apartheid-style control mechanisms (still evidenced today by the ANC). If anybody needed any proof of the REVOLUTIONARY pressure that had long since exceeded boiling point, the dense aggregation and events at the Grand Parade bear testimony. Chris Everson makes the point that the media and the international press undoubtedly played a huge part in freeing this country. It goes without saying that the black population of this country provided the REASON! It was also interesting to note that the throng of international journalists were almost 100% white.

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