Steve Earle – F The CC

From 2004, Steve Earle lets off steam with a few expletives related to censorship and surveillance, policing, foreign policy… wrapping up with how comedian Lenny Bruce died to protect democracy. This confused song is more about attitude, perhaps, and a rocker bemoaning declining personal freedom in America. Maybe it is scattered, but it’s got energy many protest songs lack.

The FCC, from the song title, is the Federal Communications Commission. This agency goes back to the 1930s, and regulates communications. Historically, that has meant radio, but obviously expanded as technology progressed. Today,  the FCC is somewhat of a watchdog for electronic surveillance, given concerns for homeland security (protecting the country from external attack by terrorists). The agency has been criticized for being ineffective in this regard, or at least, not being able in its mandate to look into classified matters related to another agency, the National Security Agency. The NSA, in part, collects intelligence for domestic security.

Another song reviewed here is about electronic surveillance: Alan Parsons Project, Eye In The Sky.


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