Manu Chao – Rainin’ in Paradize

A relentless rhythm makes for a great driving song, the kind when your foot keeps getting progressively heavier on the accelerator pedal. Little variation in song structure could be criticized as being repetitive, but also speaks to the single-minded focus of the 2007 song: that there is a sameness: wherever you look, things are not going so well. The song is a world tour of troubles in many countries, focusing on Africa and the Middle East.

Manu Chao himself is an artist with many country allegiances. He is a multicultural performer, born in Paris, France to Spanish parents, and who sings in many different languages.


2 thoughts on “Manu Chao – Rainin’ in Paradize

  1. Hello,

    Nice web site! Congratulations…
    Manu Chao was the Mano Negra’s singer in the 80’s and his name was Oscar Tramor.
    And I very like this song:

    Manu Chao write this song after the fall of USSR.

    Sorry for the spelling mistakes, I’m french and english is not my language.

    Thanks for your web site…

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