KISS – Rock And Roll All Nite

The Demon, Gene Simmons, plays bass for KISS, one of the world’s best known hard rock bands. Maybe he had sex with more than 4,000 women. Less obvious is the man was born in Israel.

Simmons has expressed views on Israeli politics seemingly at odds with the dominant narrative in celebrity culture that is sympathetic to Palestine. He has been supportive of defending the territorial integrity of the state of Israel at the expense of Palestine.

Israel was “created” after the Second World War, in territory also claimed by Palestinians. The land itself is considered holy according to Christians, Muslims and Jews. Several wars since then have kept Israel as Israel, leaving Palestinians without a permanent place to live. There have been many attempts at peace accords, and proposals to accept a “two-state” solution have not been successful.

Even discussing the Arab-Israeli conflict, as it is also known, as part of foreign policy debates in other countries, is fraught with political peril. Is it rock and roll, anti-establishment for a KISS member to speak openly on the situation, taking a side?

Whatever, it’s a long way away from this 1975 party anthem!


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