Men At Work – It’s A Mistake

There are lots of songs about the Cold War. This one wonders how it will end: with standard weapons or nuclear destruction. The Cold War is in fact, albeit simplistically, assumed to have concluded without a shot being fired – a possibility not considered by these Aussie rockers back in 1983.

The ‘cold’ in Cold War itself refers to not being violent, which a ‘hot’ war would be. The term references the political tensions circa the end of the Second World War through to the 1990s, between the USA and its North Atlantic Treaty Organization allies (the Western Bloc), and the Soviet Union (the Eastern Bloc).

There were battles, such as the Vietnam War and in Korea, so perhaps more accurately the Cold War could indicate the era not having a worldwide war.

The Cold War is widely thought to have thawed and ended when the Soviet Union fell apart. To some observers today, the Cold War was fraught with anxiety, but looking back, more predictable than contemporary threats from non-state actors such as terrorist organizations.


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