The Beatles – Fool on the Hill

“The Hill” is an informal name for the Parliament of Canada, located in the capital city of Ottawa, in the province of Ontario. That’s because the legislative buildings sit on Parliament Hill. Canadian political critics might refer to the head of government, the Prime Minister, as the fool on the hill…

Mind you, the 1967 song might be suggesting the fool in the lyrics actually has a head on his shoulder: he sees the world going ’round.

In a parliamentary system, the eligibility requirements for a prime minister is typically this:

Must be: an elected Member of Parliament, the chosen leader of their party, and commanding plurality support in the legislature among the members of parliament.

The job description of a prime minister would be posted in a wanted ad thusly:

sets the structure of government such as its departments and agencies; selects the members of cabinet that oversee these departments and agencies; can make appointments to various positions (which could include Senators, judges, deputy ministers that are the administrative and non partisan heads of departments), and may be able to call an election. Of course, too, the Prime Minister plays a greatly symbolic role in representing the country.


2 thoughts on “The Beatles – Fool on the Hill

    • Thanks for reading and commenting. It’s an amazing song that seems to switch from the major to minor to add some weight to the message… perhaps…

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