Vera Vanderlaan – Freedom Is A Hammer

From the Washington Times, Vera Vanderlaan was a married Vermont woman, pretty, prone to dressing like a senorita… and part of the 1960s counter-counterculture.

Presumed arch enemy, then, Pete Seeger, sang If I Had A Hammer, to which this song may have been a rebuttal of sorts. Vera sings of patriots swinging hammers for liberty, such that it spreads across the land to keep America free. Still, there are “cunning foes” out there (not clearly identified), trying to stop the freedom hammer. We can assume these are the communists!

Contemporary Janet Greene is another obscure “red-baiting” artist: Commie Lies and Poor Left Winger.


3 thoughts on “Vera Vanderlaan – Freedom Is A Hammer

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  2. I, David Bailey, sang as background on a record Vera had produced in Vermont in that sixties era. I was wondering about the direction her life and that of her husband Bill had taken since then.

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