Janet Greene – Commie Lies

Stuff it, Joan Baez?

There were some ideological rebukes to the left-leaning folk music of the 1960s, even if obscure.

Greene was the music director for an organization called the Christian Anti-Communism Crusade. This is one of her eight recorded songs from the 1960s. It appears to be based on the melody from the folk song, Blue Tail Fly (Jimmie Crack Corn).

Greene warns of communist propaganda that when accepted will lead to a loss of freedom.

Officially, communism has a different conception of freedom, that in a classless society with full equality, all would be free. This is in the sense of none would be scraping by and all would have decent lives, free from exploitation in employment. Greene sang this is deceitful, underlining a criticism of this utopian dream: communism is impossible to achieve in practice.

Contemporary Vera Vanderlaan is another pretty much forgotten “red-baiting” artist: Freedom Is A Hammer. Greene’s Poor Left Winger is reviewed here, too.


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