Brad Paisley and Carrie Underwood – Obamacare by Morning

Country stars roast the U.S. President’s crowning achievement, health care reform, that at this date has yet to be fully rolled out. The 2013 song/skit from the Country Music Association Awards program, pokes fun at the difficulties Americans encountered in enrolling for the new health care program, given a poorly designed and administered registration website.

Officially known as the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, Obamacare as it is informally known was passed in 2010 and aims to assist and require more Americans to get health insurance.

States are to create “health insurance exchanges” which is like a few health insurance companies on a list you can choose from. An exchange is not an insurance company. It provides no health care coverage. Like travel websites such as “Travelocity” that allow you to compare flights and hotel costs, you will be able to pick a health insurance plan from an exchange, based on what you think will work best for you.

The companies on the exchange have to offer a certain level of services and there will be different levels of plans and payments. People cannot be denied coverage such as due to pre-existing medical conditions, which is called “guaranteed issue.”

Americans may be able to receive federal money to help pay for the coverage. A person that can’t afford insurance because of their ranking on a poverty level would get an “advanceable tax credit” to help pay for health care. This will be like getting a discount when you actually buy insurance, to the amount of the tax credit you are entitled to. Think of this like having a grocery store coupon when you check out. For example, maybe you won’t pay more than 10% of your income on premiums. Still, there will be deductibles and copayments once you actually start receiving health care.

The exchanges were to start in 2014, but most states aren’t setting them up.

Americans can still buy health insurance outside of the exchange if they don’t like the companies that are available, don’t want the tax credit, or are not going to get this subsidy anyway.

But they will have to have insurance once this is fully up and running. Refusing to get health coverage is to bring fines. These fines are a set amount or a small percentage of one’s income level as an individual. This “forced mandate” is what was challenged at the Supreme Court and survived by being called a tax. Businesses with more than 50 employees must provide health care insurance or also pay a fine ($2,000 per employee at the start – actually lower than buying them health care).

More pokes at Obamacare are made by Ray Stevens, with We The People.


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