Beastie Boys And GoldieBlox – Girls

Fabricated pop bands are nothing new, whether that be 1990s boy bands or 1960s bubble gum pop outfits. Coca Cola sort of had a hit song, with I’d Like To Teach (The  World To Sing). Here, a toy company using YouTube, that figures its aim is to encourage girls to consider engineering as a career (by buying their toys), found itself plagiarizing the Beastie Boys 1987 song, Girls.

The Beastie Boys’ song was most likely a playful, tongue in cheek, frat humor throwaway… more than a deliberately misogynistic and anti-feminist rant in need of awkward political correction:

Girls to build a spaceship / Girls to code the new app / Girls to grow up knowing / That they can engineer that.

(Disappointing that a juvenile ditty is ripped off with high school quality rhyming?)

The now deceased Beastie Adam Yauch never wanted his group’s music used in commercials. GoldieBlox figured they were doing a parody, which allows reproduction. But they apologized to the Beastie Boys all the same.

(Yet the Beastie’s masterpiece record Paul’s Boutique bursts with unlicensed samples?)

Umm, meanwhile, some might say girls were needlessly caught in the  middle of a dispute about routes to their empowerment they never asked to be party to.


2 thoughts on “Beastie Boys And GoldieBlox – Girls

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