Lil Wayne – God Bless Amerika

Lil Wayne, in 2013, critiques his country for a foreign policy that lives and dies by the sword. The same point is made for domestic policy in terms of police and jail. The rapper then seems to get off track, describing performing a sex act on his girlfriend. Maybe it’s all somehow related? It could be about the country having no soul, being even aimless, putting disparate things together. Regardless, the image of seeing a butterfly in hell is vivid.



2 thoughts on “Lil Wayne – God Bless Amerika

  1. Hi,

    Do you know that “God bless America” is one of the most expression use in France for designate USA, only for the anti-american ideology, of course.

    Bless with an “e” – “blesse” – means hurts.
    One protest singer, Damien Saez, edits a double songs album after the 9/11. In this album – God blesse – there’s one of my favorite song: “J’veux du nucléaire”, against military, nuclear, mass media, peace utopia and others…
    Here with lyrics:
    Here the clip:

    Another song of this singer: “Fils de France” (France’s sons) written after the first round of presidential elections in 2002 when the Front National (National Front, for you, french ultra-nationalist party) was elected for the second round of elections.

    This song has been wrote in 24 hours, and was only available for download.

    Congratulations for your website…

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