Jim Nabors – Back Home Again In Indiana

Jim Nabors is best known as a singer, and as doofus mechanic, Gomer Pyle, from the Andy Griffith Show, on TV. He sang this song, almost 100 years old now, each year at the pre-race ceremonies for the Indy 500 auto race.

The song is about a wanderer missing his home, the “Hoosier state” of Indiana.

Countries, states, towns and regions often have official songs. These can be national anthems, and official state or town songs. By “official,” that typically means the tune was chosen democratically, like ratified by a legislature.

Citizens still might more informally and conventionally, choose unofficial works of music to represent them. “Back Home In Indiana” is an example of this. The official state song of Indiana is “On The Banks of the Wabash, Far Away.”

Official or not, these songs in general tend to be patriotic. They may touch on the history, traditions, values and goals of a political community. Singing them may build and maintain a connection people have to where they live.


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