Ash Ft. Blidboy – Billkamcha

This song asks people to report government corruption and encourage political transparency in Tunisia. Billkamcha is a crowd sourcing platform for this purpose. Hip hop (and this cause) has been an outlet for youth movements in the country that are frustrated with employment prospects, and that believe that the new government is not much changed from the old.

Elections came to this north African country after the 2011 “Arab Spring.” Tunisia has a constitution that aims to protect the rights and freedoms of its citizens. Outsiders have praised the efforts of the country to enhance and maintain respect and adherence to tolerance and overall, human rights. There is progress to be made, all the same.

It could be the tensions and challenges come not just from government, but from society: the people. The republic struggles with addressing violent Islamic terrorist attacks that have targeted tourists. It struggles with youth that may have chosen radical Islamic outlets to commit these crimes.

The public policy response to terrorism has been aggressive counter terrorism efforts. Yet then, the Tunisian government is open to criticism for being too heavy handed. It’s a tight rope walk.

At any rate, these struggles are being articulated and vented about, and maybe even sorted out, through music.


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