Sting – Brand New Day

It’s probably a love song, of a person in a relationship wishing they could start over. Brand new days, turning the ship around, starting over, turning back the clock… but these lyrics are all speech cliches politicians frequently employ. No wonder then, that this song has been a popular choice for campaigners.

The Sting song has the distinction of being appropriated by both the Republican and Democrat parties in the US, and for the same election! George W. Bush (Republican) and Al Gore (Democrat) battled for the presidency, while snapping their fingers to Sting. This was in 2000.

Sting didn’t like either of them using his song. We could stretch this into sounding nonpartisan.

Partisanship is like when a person or organization is a staunch defender of their candidate or political party, quite rigidly. It is not a flexible stance. Your side has the answers. Compromise? Never. Working together with “the other guys,” for common goals, is not on the menu.

So, nonpartisanship by the book means an individual or organization such as a think tank or social service provider, is not affiliated to a political party or candidate. It can also relate to elections for government offices that do not go by political parties. This is common at the city/local government level and for school boards.

More reflectively, nonpartisanship carries other understandings.

A nonpartisan could be someone who is very open-minded, politically. Unofficially, it could be a position of indecision at the present time. Or they are apathetic or ignorant.

Saying you are non-partisan could be a white lie to avoid fractious political discussions, even if you are stuck hard on your beliefs, privately. You just don’t feel like getting into it.

More slyly, declaring oneself above the fray of petty politics, and thus, nonpartisan, could be a fallacious argumentative tactic. That is, saying, “our” side is above the dickering, small-mindedness of our opponents that focus on political conflict… we transcend politics and just focus on what is right or what matters most. This tactic is designed to make it seem like opponents are not as worthy. But it’s highly partisan. It’s a partisan non-partisanship.

Still others may claim non-partisanship to draw attention to themselves, as being somehow superior or more evolved, in a narcissistic manner?


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