Jackie Shane – Any Other Way

U.S. born Jackie Shane lived in Canada and some like to think he is a relative of Little Richard. This song, a cover, became popular in Canada in 1962.

What’s political is Shane is seen to be using the word ‘gay’ in the lyrics for its sexual orientation connotation, and not simply as a synonym of ‘happy.’ This double meaning was not mainstream back then.

“Tell her that I’m happy/tell her that I’m gay”

The singer was a gay performer who often dressed in drag, and to many today, is seen as an early LGBT artist. Rumours are he is no longer alive, in hiding, or incognito, living her life today, as a transgender woman.


Fanny – Ain’t That Peculiar

It’s said Fanny were the first all girl group to put out a record on a major label, but perhaps this ignores Motown (this song is a Marvin Gaye/Smokey Robinson cover)? This isn’t a racist conceit with two members of Fanny born in the Philippines.

So how about the band gets the kudos because they rocked to their own tunes that they also performed.

In 1970s larger society, women were becoming less deferential and advocating for equal treatment and respect. Fanny is said to have been a feminist beacon, at least for for rock music. They faced obstacles, even being prohibited from playing at a UK concert once for being too sexy!